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Counselling, Psycho-sexual Psychotherapy and Sexual Addiction Treatment




Couple relationships can often come under stress for a variety of reasons; pressures of work, sexual problems, an affair, financial difficulties, a new baby, family issues…the list goes on. When you are living with conflict your relationship can become the source of a great deal of unhappiness.


It can be difficult to know how to move forward, and often couples get stuck in a hurtful cycle of constant rows and disagreements. I work with couples and individuals to explore what is going wrong, and to find a way to rebuild closeness and trust to enable the couple to stay together if that is what they want.


If your relationship has recently ended, or is in the process of breaking down, I can work with you to help you recover from the pain of ending, or to work towards a healthier ending, especially if you have children together.


Relationship problems aren’t exclusive to couples of course. Families can be hard work too. You may be experiencing family tensions due to difficult teenagers, or step family issues; or trying to cope with in-laws, or sibling differences. Outside the family it may be a challenging relationship in the work place that is causing some distress, or maybe an ex-partner or friend. I can work with any relationship difficulty. Sometimes the opportunity to talk things through with an objective third party can be all it takes to move things forward.